HEY GUYS! I’m currently in Nashville, I’ll be home tomorrow so I’ll post all of my photos from warped tour then. Yesterday was seriously the best the maine show I’ve ever been to, despite the setlist being so short & getting sunburned. I’m just so so happy

Stop throwing chocolate the songs not even about chocolate it’s about weed -Matty at my concert tonight (via 1975mattheew)

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on my way to Nashville to meet friends and the maine show # 5!

Car Radio  My edit

GUYS I’m so excited!!! I’ve never traveled this far before, let alone by myself! The farthest south I’ve ever been was South Carolina, and in the morning I’ll be on my way to Tennessee! AND I get to meet my best friend, AND We’ll get to see our favorite band together. Back in January we made the hashtag #CABTTM2014 (Chelsea and Brooke to the maine 2014) we never thought it would actually come true! Im ready for a really great next couple of days


RAIN ART // @thefifthjohn @nicksantino \ Photo by @dirkmai